The world needs to hear your unique message the way you intended it. We don’t just get what you do: we make sure your students feel the same way, too. And the best part? We stay true to who you are—in every way that counts.

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Landing Page

Don’t you just hate it when you work really hard to get more people on your website—only for their visit to be cut short? It’s about time we fix that for good. 

When we write your copy, we’ll transform your hard-earned visitors into profitable leads—and even turn them into raving fans, further down the funnel. 

Question is, how exactly do we do that? It’s simple, really: curiosity causes conversion. We intrigue them with your message; attract them with your value; and convert them with your results. Before you know it, they’ll be well on their way in your brand’s customer journey—where we’ll be ready to convert them for good.

Price: 1000 euros

Sales Page

“I have so much knowledge, but I don’t know how to explain my value.” We get it. We’ve all been there, too. One of the major problems for most course creators is how to take what it’s in your mind and in your heart and translate it in such a way that your future students understand its full value—way beyond mere words on a page.

So whether you already have a course in mind or are just planning to create one, trust that we’ll be here every step of the way: helping you get to the core of what you do, and empowering you to communicate it in the best way possible that also generates you revenue. Let’s make your mess your message and share it with the rest of the world.

Price: 2000 euros

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Lead Gen Email Sequence (7 emails)

Marketing isn’t just about having a list anymore. It’s about building and nurturing a community. And your launches are the perfect opportunity to do just that. That’s why when we write your lead-gen sequences for these one-time events, we utilize excitement and engagement to influence your audience to take committed action.

Not only does the data prove that this works, but it crafts a compelling, unique customer experience that your leads won’t be forgetting anytime soon. We don’t spam: we create journeys that inspire curiosity, educate your audience and make them want to take the next step. That’s the path we help you pave so you can turn your fresh leads into engaged ones.

Price: 1000 euros

Email Show Up Sequences (5 emails)

How frustrating is it when you do so much work to get people into your online launch events, and they don’t even show up? Make this a thing of the past. We’ll make sure to bring our years of experience in online education to give you an optimised show up-sequence that will transform your leads from passive sign-ups to engage attendees.

How do we do that, you ask? Well, we follow models and principles of psychology that have been tested many launches and many years over, and apply them to your very own funnel. From the number of emails we write to the times they’re actually sent to your list, everything has been designed for you to make the most out of your online events, and even more.

Price: 500 euros

Email Sales Sequences (7 emails)

So you’ve done amazing, well-received webinars or live challenges, but for some reason, your attendees just didn’t convert. Here’s the good news: there is an actual formula that empowers you to market your product from every possible angle, so that your students can understand the true, full value of your course, get their burning questions answered and turn them into life-long, raving fans.

That’s exactly what we do when we write your entire email sales sequence from scratch. We go deep in your message, position the true benefit of what you’re selling and translate it into memorable copy that converts—every single time.

Price: 1300 euros

Ad Copy

Advertising isn’t easy. You try to talk to strangers and interrupt them while they’re scrolling through their hyper-customized, super-personal social media feeds. It bears repeating that warming the hearts of these cold audience members is an art. With our copy, we help you capture their attention, educate them on your value, and intrigue them into learning more about you.

We’ve profitably managed budgets of over $20 million USD in ad spend and counting. This has allowed us to test, fail, learn and just know the kind of ad copy that works. That’s why when you work with us, you won’t just get a copywriting service: you’ll be getting years of specialized, course-creator specific ad experience that will help you achieve faster results that last, and to transform your ads into lean-mean-conversion machines.

Price: 500 euros

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Entire Funnel

As we’ve said, we just don’t believe in templated funnels that all look like. When we write your copy, our goal is to sound just like you. Your audience deserves to hear your unique message the way you intended it: you can bet that your entire funnel will represent that, too.

To guarantee this happens, our entire proprietary process involves researching other courses in your industry,  as well as interviewing you as we go deeper in understanding the heart of your message, why you do what you do, and what you stand for. This is how, as our work together comes to a close, we end up getting not just you—but passionate customers for you, too.

Price: 4000 euros

Online courses don’t happen randomly. With our signature frameworks, our proprietary methodology empowers us to capture your core message to the world and translate it into scalable impact that repeats and expands—every single time.

Our proven system begins with a full-fledged marketing analysis of your entire industry: from competitors, opportunities, and best practices, to social media audits and advertising strategies.

We don’t just go wide: we go deep into the core of what makes your niche tick, so we can launch the best course possible—and make sure it stays that way, too.

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Ready to jump on a call and see how we can create some remarkable copy for you?

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Ready to jump on a call and see how we can create some remarkable copy for you?

Just fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.