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If you’re new to the marketing world, you probably heard a lot of people talking about google ads – but you don’t necessarily know how to use it. Here’s your chance to change that, and to learn about this valuable tool that has helped countless business owners make millions of dollars.

In this video, Mike Rhodes, Founder & CEO @ WebSavvy Agency​, talks about how to use Google Ads and what is working on this tool. His insights are extremely valuable to anyone who’s trying to scale their business in 2022.

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Video Transcript

Let’s talk about Google ads and how it can help your business because I love growing businesses. It’s what I’ve always loved to do. You mentioned in the intro, that I’ve written the book with Perry, who’s speaking on Friday morning, please make sure you get to that session, it’s going to be absolutely fantastic.

The 8020 of sales and marketing is a very, very smart man. We’re going to talk about Google ads. And our goal is to understand how you can use it to be more profitable in your business, whether you’re helping clients as an agency, or whether you’re doing this for your own business.

But Google ads is just a tool like fire is just a tool. It depends how you use the tool. So the results you’re gonna get, you know, use fire, well, you can toast your marshmallows, use it badly, you’ll burn down your tent, Google Ads kind of the same. There are loads of people that have said, Yep, we tried it, we used it, it didn’t work, it melted a credit card, we haven’t touched it in three years.

If that’s you, I would urge you to give it another try. Because it used well, it can be an amazing tool. Now we’ve got an hour together, so I’m not going to turn you into a master of Google ads in an hour. But if this piques your interest, if this gets you thinking, yeah, maybe I should go and check out this thing called Google ads, or go and check it out again, or maybe you’ve already started the journey.

And you really want to get better at this. So I’m going to give you a three and a half hour course for free. Just as a thank you for being here. If you go to that URL agencies, you don’t even have to remember the code, it’s all going to be done for you, the team are amazing, they’ve set all that up. So go grab that, at the end of this presentation.

If you would like to continue your education in the Google ads space. I’ve also put in there my audit in a box. So if you’re already running Google ads, it’s worth it just for that agency, seven members have said this is worth their annual membership. So this is a 40 page report with your data, we don’t get to see it.

You just plug this in, you load your data in with one click, and it will show you all of the little pieces inside your account and help you diagnose any problems and help you get better. So that’s all included at that URL. But I thought I’d start by just trying to summarize, actually what Google ads is. I know many people here won’t have ever tried Google ads.

Maybe you’re running Facebook ads for your business. Maybe you saw Tom breezes thing this morning. And he thought, yeah, I definitely need to give YouTube ago. But maybe you haven’t given Google ads a try yet. So let’s all just make sure we know exactly what we’re talking about. And just get us all up to speed with this one slide.

And instead of talking about the geeky stuff, let’s flip this around. Let’s think about this from your prospects point of view, because there’s a human being on the other side of all of these ads. So let’s take her point of view and see it through her eyes. She is going to see a number of ads as she wanders around the web. text ads you’re pretty familiar with up at the top of Google Shopping ads are those little square image ads with a price underneath banner ads, obviously, we’ve seen those for years and years. And as Tom talked about this morning, YouTube ads and who hasn’t seen a grammar yet on YouTube recently?

Now Google splits into these two separate networks. So as advertisers we get to choose to use either or both of these the Search Network or the Display Network. And why would somebody see these ads? Why would they bump into these ads? Well search and shopping. Your prospect is actively searching for an answer to their problems. scratch their itch, if you like they’re looking for a product or a service. They’re on the front page of Google.

They’re searching. That’s where they’re going to see those types of ads. The Display Network That’s 2 million plus websites at this point, and over a million apps as well. So while your browsing could be huge sites like, or, could be Google owned sites like YouTube and Gmail. Or it could be one of the 1000s of tiny little blogs and forums, that are a part of this display network.

Essentially, the owners of those websites have gone to Google said, give us a bit of code, put some ads on our site, and we’ll split the revenue. Okay.
And when would you want to use these different types of ads? Well, if you want to get more leads, and sales, then you’re going to start with the Search Network, search ads. And if you’re a retailer, then shopping ads, you must be selling physical products to to show those shopping ads.

And if you want to create more brand awareness, you may create leads and sales to this but more about getting in front of lots and lots of people, getting people to know who you are and build those relationships, then you might focus more on the Display Network.

Thank you for watching this video. If you’d like to have access to the full content, please check the scale series information below.

Unlock Unlimited Access to the Scale Series Library

Learn from the best experts in Social Media, Content, Advertising, Launch and Evergreen niches with the SCALE Series.

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