How To Use Linkedin To Skyrocket Your Sales Today!

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How To Use Linkedin To Skyrocket Your Sales Today!

LinkedIn is one of the few platforms that easily allow your posts to get in front of people you don’t know or are outside of your community.

Considering it is a social media platform designed to allow people to work on their professional networks, this is a huge opportunity for course creators to scale their businesses.

However, most LinkedIn platform users don’t really know how to stand out, or how to pop up on relevant searches, or how to set up their profiles to guarantee success, or how to work on their personal branding overall.

In this video, Vaibhav Sisinty, Marketing Expert and CEO of GrowthSchool, talks about how to optimise your LinkedIn for the purpose of Lead Generation. He explains how to be found on the platform, and how to achieve great results!

Check out the video to understand how he has achieved this, so you can too.

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Video Transcript:

Now what is searchable? It’s as explanatory as it says: it is when someone is searching for your specific keyword, your profile should kind of pop up.

How do you make that happen? By applying basic common sense.

Now you know the power of LinkedIn profile optimisation, how do you get started with it? Right? When it comes to LinkedIn profile optimisation, we are optimising the profile for two different things.

  1. To get found on LinkedIn search, of course, I just told you about it to his conversions.
  2. Listen, we’re not going to put in the effort and time if we can’t make money, right? So conversions are extremely important.

So I’m going to quickly run you through how you could optimize for both these two things.

Three factors to optimize your LinkedIn profile. You’ve got to make it:

  •  Searchable
  • Clickable
  • Approachable.

Iif you’re able to optimize your profile for a searchable, clickable and approachable, that is when conversions happen, that is when you make money. Now, what is searchable? It’s as explanatory as it says: it is when someone is searching for your specific keyword, your profile should kind of pop up.

How do you make that happen? By applying basic, basic common sense, when you’re looking for this keyword. 

Let’s say I’m looking for a growth hacker. I’m in India. So let’s look for someone in the United States, why not? So what are the things that you think when you look at this snapshot, right?

What are the things that you think are impacting the search? There’s this keyword growth hacker right here?

Where else is there, you could see that in the title, visual artists and growth hacker, you can see Business Growth Hacker here as well. Right in Thomas Hill also has a growth hacker at Angel match. So clearly, the title has a lot of significance. Clearly.

Next, you could also see current, which is his current role, says growth hacker, again, you can see current business growth hacker, again, for Thomas, we don’t really have a growth hacker here.

So one thing is clear for a fact that your title and your current role plays a very, very important role when it comes to search. If you have keywords, it is because you want to rank for these keywords. For example, if you want to break as a real estate broker, right? As long as you have the keyword real estate broker in your title, and also as your current job, there’s a very good chance you will start ranking for it.

Now. Is that it? If I could just put a keyword on the title, and maybe a keyword in my experience, will I start ranking? Absolutely not. That is where you get started.

Now that is how it essentially becomes the basics of searchability. There’s one more very important factor, which is the location. I selected the United States. That’s why I found people from the United States. But if somebody is from let’s say, Israel, and you’re searching for someone in the United States, the Israel guy is not going to show up.

And usually when people search for it a little more specific, they go as specific as New York, right? Instead of just saying United States because they want someone from that specific location, you can see people from New York only start showing up. So that is what you got to do.

  • Change your title
  • change your experience
  • change your location to the location that you want.

Alright, these are the few sets of factors that, like I said, focus on what is important: title, experience, location.

And there’s also something called a shared connection, what is shared connections? On Facebook, you have something whereas mutual friends, shared connections are usually the equivalent of that on LinkedIn. Right?

So, can you optimize for shared connections? Absolutely not.

It’s a long term game, you keep connecting with people, that is how you get there. So I’m not going to talk about it right now. But if you do this basic stuff, you become searchable to an extent. I’m going to talk more about it to an extent you become better than 98% of profiles out there.

Now, if you’re able to make your profile searchable, you are kind of solid so clickable as well. Now, listen, if you’re thinking about a profile, let’s say I search for this keyword growth hacker, right?

What will induce me to click on any of the links, if I find it relevant, if I’m able to find that title somewhere, if I’m able to find the same location somewhere, if I’m able to find enough reinforcement of what I’m looking for, that is when I’m going to click on the profile, right?

So if you’re doing it for searchable, you kind of solve it for clickable as well and finally comes approachable.

Now what do I mean by that? Here’s a snapshot of the eyes scanning tool, right? Basically, this tool talks about where our eyes actually look at one someone who lands on the LinkedIn profile and you could clearly see the first thing I automatically look at is the title and the name.

The second goes the profile picture and the header part of it right for you to become approachable, your cover picture and a profile picture plays an extremely important role guys. I’m a growth hacker. I do everything based on data.

If you look at the cover picture right here, right, here are a few things that you could make a cover picture kick ass, that is first it talks to my TG has been Startups and brands with growth document eg to credibility of all the logos of places where I’ve been featured before, finally reflects who are who I am.

I love speaking, I love talking to people. As a result, I put up a picture of a place where I was giving a talk, right? Drives enough credibility.

Thank you so much for watching this video, I hope you have truly enjoyed it. If you want to get more of these videos, keep on following our blog and Alessio Pieroni’s instagram page: @scalewithalessio.

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Unlock Unlimited Access to the Scale Series Library

Learn from the best experts in Social Media, Content, Advertising, Launch and Evergreen niches with the SCALE Series.

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