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Taking time to work towards creating your personal branding might seem like something unimportant. But in reality, having strong branding can be the difference between closing a sale or not closing it, getting a job or not, being promoted or not.

Jeff Bezos once said that your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. The good news is that you can work strategically to build a personal brand that communicates your mission, your values, and the quality of your work.

In this video, Rory Vaden, bestselling author and leadership speaker, talks about how to stand out in the market through your personal branding, in a strategic way. Through analyzing the personal branding of people we all know and likely have bought products from, he’ll teach you how to do the same for your own unique brand.

Check out the video to learn his technique, so you can apply it in your life too!

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The way we define personal branding at Brand Builders Group is that personal branding is simply the digitization of reputation. So that’s what we help our clients do: build revenue reputation. Part of that is content. Part of that is digital marketing. Politics. Part of that is book launches. Part of that is getting book deals. Part of that is podcasting. Part of that is scaling your international business. These are all the things that we advise on.

What even is a brand? You hear that word a lot, but what does it really mean?

I’m reminded of a battle 11 years ago, coming up on 11 years ago, when my wife AJ and I got married. At our rehearsal dinner, our families were just meeting for the first time. It was a bit awkward because me and my family come from a lower middle class background, and I grew up in a trailer park.

You know, we just didn’t come from much, while her family, my wife, AJ comes from a very proper, well-to-do Southern family. So I’m pretty sure my family was looking at her family going, “do these people know how to party like, we know how to party man!”

I’m quite confident AJ and her family were looking at my family saying, “was there a prison break?” Or something like “where did all these people come from?”

AJ told me to stand up and tell a story that had happened to us just a few days earlier when we were filing for our marriage license, because when we went to get our marriage license, you have to fill out this piece of paper.

At the county clerk AJ is filling out this paper. She writes in her name, her birthdate, her social security number, and all of that. Well, the bottom half of the paper was supposed to be all about the husband.

But rather than giving it to me to fill out, she decided she was just going to fill it out for me. And so she writes in my name, my birthdate, my social security number. And she gets to the last question, which asks about ethnicity for me. And she writes in Caucasian, and I looked at her and I was like, “Honey, what are you doing?” And she said, “What?” I said, “You just wrote down Caucasian”. She goes, “Yeah”, so I said, “Honey, I’m Mexican. Like, I’m Hispanic.”

And it was the first moment it dawned on her that she was actually about to marry a Mexican man. And I wondered for a second if she was gonna even go through with the whole thing. But, of course, she did. She knew that my mother’s maiden name was Realla Vasquez, and that my grandmother was born in Mexico.

But she didn’t think of me that way. And that really is what a brand is. What do people think of when they think of you?

By the way, when I told this story at a rehearsal dinner, my whole side of the family immediately started cracking up, they thought it was hilarious. They were like, doubled over with laughter. They just thought it was the funniest thing, her whole side of the family, at the exact same time all looked at each other. And they’re like, “he’s Mexican.”

It was like nobody had had that idea. They just didn’t think of me in that way. And so this is what a brand is. You don’t control your brand, you influence your brand. But ultimately, it’s what others think of when they think of you.

Now when you translate that into the business community, to scaling your side hustle or your business, to growing as an entrepreneur, which is something that AJ and I have done several times. So we are business partners. We’re also married and we have a couple of kids, but we have scaled four different seven figure businesses, one eight figure business that we also sold and then we are in the process of working on a Brand Builders Group which will be on its path to be another eight figure business.

We have spent a lot of time doing this. And specifically, the Brand Builders Group looks at personal brands. We don’t work with companies, we work with individuals and one of the things that we realised is that another word for personal brand is reputation.

A lot of people hear the concept of personal branding and they go, “Okay, you know, that sounds like a new concept”. And maybe you like it, maybe you don’t, maybe you’re not totally sure what it is. But what we have discovered is that personal brand is just a new term for an old concept, which is reputation.

In fact, the way we define personal branding at Brand Builders Group is that personal branding is simply the digitalization of reputation.

And so that’s what we help our clients do: build revenue reputation.

Part of that is content. Part of that is digital marketing. Part of that is book launches. Part of that is getting book deals. Part of that is podcasting. Part of that is scaling your internal business, these are all the things that we advise on.

But not everybody is convinced that personal branding is really a huge part of the future. And one of the things that we just recently finished. So AJ, my wife and business partner is also our CEO, I function more like the CMO, actually. She just led a year-long project. That was a national research study. We partnered with an independent third party research firm called the Center for generational kinetics to actually go and survey a population with a statistically valid sample size weighted to the US Census Bureau.

So the data that I’m going to share with you, and there’s a couple data points I’m going to share that came out of this study, and it is brand new, very fresh. This just got finalized last week. So you’re some of the first people publicly to even see this. It’s some irrefutable data points about what personal branding means.

Now, it’s a US study, and I apologize, to some extent, I wish we could have afforded to do an international study. But this first one was just for the US. But it’s still very telling I think of trends, this trend that you would see kind of also happening around the world. And this is one of the big data points that came out of this proprietary research study that our team commissioned and performed. And that is that:

  • Three fourths of Americans – 74%, so almost three fourths – say they are more likely to trust someone who has an established personal brand.

Trust is what this is about, trust points to reputation.

The reason why people aren’t buying your thing, the reason why people aren’t following you, they’re not engaging, they’re not hiring you to speak or coach or consult or train, or, you know, hiring your service or buying your widget. It’s all about trust.

And this study points conclusively to the idea that a personal brand is one of the most effective ways to build trust in the very short term. Now one of the things that I want to highlight for you is that when we did this study, you’ll notice this is the answer in total. 

But one of the reasons we partnered with the Center for Generational Kinetics is because they stratify the data by generation, which you can see listed here. The reason they do that is because when you stratify these answers by generation, it allows you to predict forthcoming trends.

Because whatever the younger generation says to be true, tells you what’s going to happen in the next, you know, 10~15, 20~30 years. And look at this: if you just look at older millennials, so those are people ages 35 to 44. Right now, it’s actually way more than 74%. It’s 85%. younger millennials and Gen Z is 79%. So it’s 74% in total overall, but it’s becoming even more important in the future:

  • 79% of younger millennials and gen Z say they are more likely to trust someone who has an established personal brand.

Personal Branding is a trust accelerator. It is one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to build reputation.

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