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It’s not just about your funnels: it’s about the content that brings your customers to it. It’s about creating a relationship and showing your students that you are the best teacher for their needs. Videos are the best way to show them who you are and what you can offer.

Video Sales Letter

Selling is one of the most difficult things for an online teacher to do. And we get it: you’re used to sharing your knowledge, but not everyone necessarily knows how to sell it. The good news is, there’s a proven formula that allows teachers to tap into their sales prowess. But the better news? Our team of marketers and video creators are experts at it. 

That’s why we create video sales letters by understanding your message and crafting in a unique way: so that we can script the video, help you film it, and edit it to completion. Trust us: this will be one of the best vehicles to scale your course and impact to the next level.

Course Trailer

Your course is like a movie. And there’s no better way to promote a movie than with its very own thought-provoking trailer.

Our team creates a scenic video that captures the spirit of your program and presents it like a unique movie: not only does this elevate your brand, but it attracts the kind of people to join your course at the same time.

Leave all the scripting, directing and editing to us: all you have to do is show up as yourself, while we spread your message to the world in the most aligned and authentic way possible.

Content Videos

A great video isn’t just about the quality of the camera, or the positioning of the talent. At its core, what makes a video truly incredible is the story it tells. It’s the scripting. It’s the message. It’s the unique voice of the person speaking in front of it.

When you capture that, you invite your customers to meet you where they are, and influence them to go on a journey with you. 

To do all of this, we get to the heart of your message, research the best content in your niche, and co-create a great content plan that will turn your ideas into ready-to-post videos.

Video Editing

Have you got a great video idea, but have no idea how to turn it into an actual great video?

No problem: we’ve got your back. If you’d rather script your video and even film it yourself, you can just send us the raw material while we do the rest. We’ll edit to the highest of standards so that what was once a simple idea in theory, becomes a unique piece of content in reality. 

And the best part? You’ll have every single version needed so that it’s optimized for every important platform, and gives you the best performance possible: from Facebook and LinkedIn, to Instagram, IGTV, Reels, and everything else in between.

Entire Video Package

Your students need to know you in order to believe that your course has the potential to impact their lives in a positive manner. The best way to do it? Through videos, hands down. With years of experience in the online education industry, we’ve perfected the pattern and the types of videos that we know are essential to convert your leads into paying customers.

We’ll guide you through a process of creating seven different videos (5 content videos, 1 trailer, 1 video sales letter) that will allow your customer to learn about you and your content, get to know your course in a big way and ultimately, to convert them to purchase. Even remotely, we’ll be providing you with all the scripts and direction that you need in order to take your brand to the next level.

Our methodology

Online courses don’t happen randomly. With our signature frameworks, our proprietary methodology empowers us to capture your core message to the world and translate it into scalable impact that repeats and expands—every single time.


Our proven system begins with a full-fledged marketing analysis of your entire industry: from competitors, opportunities, and best practices, to social media audits and advertising strategies.

We don’t just go wide: we go deep into the core of what makes your niche tick, so we can launch the best course possible—and make sure it stays that way, too.

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Just fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.